About Us

We opened Via Travel 30 years ago. Travel had changed drastically since then. Back in 1985, traveling was simple: make a reservation, carry as much luggage as you want and have a relative or friend pick you up at the airport.

Today, restrictions used by most airlines can be overwhelming. Hot meals on international flights are things of the past, unless you want to pay out of your pocket for a tiny sandwich, a beer or a soda. Those good ol’ days are gone.

Here at Via Travel; we continue to offer the same personalized of 30 years ago with one slight change: we have adopted technology as the powerful ally it is, to offer you the warmth of our know-how combined with the simplicity and swiftness of 21st century gadgets.

A young man with a cellphone can do almost anything from booking a flight to getting a rental car. But we know that the latest smartphone won’t replace the personal touch of a human being, nor the patience or time required to bring you the best seats and recommend the best seasons to travel. At Via Travel, we strive to save you time, money and a potential headache, all the while giving you the ultimate traveling experience.

Our message is this: come to us, our professional staff is waiting to take you to all of those places you dream to visit. Just tell us what you want. Hospitality is our business and 30 years of experience certify that we excel at it.